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TATROVIA Apartments are located in a quiet, safe and peaceful area adjacent to the very center of Zakopane, a short distance from known tourist routes, including Dolina Strążyska (3-5 minutes), close to the Valley towards the Hole and the Cave towards the Hole, and also 10-15 minutes to the White Valley, heading for Regle. We can also go from here to Wielka Krokiew and further - to Kuźnice and Kasprowy Wierch.

Our attractions


In the neighbourhood of TATROVIA building there are regional restaurants worth recommending, with delicious highlander food and concerts, such as Javorina, Karczma Młyńska or Czarci Jar.

Nearby you will also find the popular and artistic Żabi Dwór, family eateries (Amicus), as well as a pharmacy and shops, including a family greengrocer with fresh vegetables and fruits.

Thermal pools:

A big attraction for the youngest, but also for adults, are the thermal pools in the Podhale region. Children can use various water slides, mushroom water fountains and wild rivers, and the older ones - can regenerate their muscles tired from skiing all day on the ski slopes or hiking in the mountains.

Our attractions
Our attractions


Whereas, in search of cultural reflection, you can go to the nearby, the most beautiful and the most important, Villa of Zakopane - Red Court, then the Tatra Museum named after Ph.D. Titus Chałubiński or one of his branches. Art lovers will also find numerous inspirations in the 20th Century Art Gallery of Villa Oksza and in the Municipal Art Gallery in Zakopane, and the enthusiasts of Podhale at the Oscypka (smoked ewe's milk cheese) Museum will learn not only the process of making Podhale cheeses, but also the history and culture of highlanders.

What else can you do in Zakopane?

We invite you to our blog, in which we describe, among others, what is happening in Zakopane, where to eat well and where to go!