Rules of procedure

The following Regulations apply to the accommodation (apartments) facility Tatrovia, located at: ul. Droga do Daniela 1C, 34-500 Zakopane, hereinafter referred to as the Facility. The owner and manager of the apartments is the sole proprietorship: Apartamenty Rodzinne Pod Szczytami Grażyna Bryniarska, registered at ul. Heleny Marusarzówny 11/4, 34-500 Zakopane, NIP: 7361071947, REGON 490668652, hereinafter referred to as the Owner.

Persons enjoying their stay at the Facility are hereinafter referred to as Guests.

The person making a reservation at the Facility and settling the payment for the reservation is hereinafter referred to as the Customer.

  1. These Regulations specify the conditions under which the Customer can make a reservation and rent an apartment at the Facility.

  2. Reservations can be made by phone, email or online at To make a reservation, a prepayment of 20% of the total booking price in a form of a deposit is required. Settling the prepayment is equivalent to the Customer’s acceptance of the provisions of these Regulations and the General Data Protection Regulation.

  3. At the point of booking and settling the advance payment, the lease agreement is considered concluded. If no down payment is made within the specified time limit, the initial reservation will be automatically cancelled.

  4. To receive an invoice for the down payment, please inform when booking the apartment. We do not issue VAT invoices.

  5. The remaining fee for the stay is paid by the Customer upon arrival at the check-in desk, when collecting keys.

  6. A refundable deposit of PLN 200 is charged upon arrival, and is given back upon departure during the check-out.

  7. In the case of a change of the Customer’s booking date or a total resignation from the stay for reasons beyond the Owner’s control, the down payment is not refundable.

  8. The hotel day starts at 14:00 (check-in) and ends at 10:00 (check-out).

  9. On the day of arrival, the Customer is obliged to settle the entire payment for the stay, even if, for reasons beyond the Owner's control, the arrival or stay is delayed or shortened (personal reasons, communication difficulties, etc.).

  10. If the period of stay is shortened by the Customer, the payment for the unused period is not refundable.

  11. Check-in and check-out takes place in the apartment in the presence of the Owner or an authorized employee.

  12. In the case of exceeding the number of people declared in the application form, who use the apartment without the consent and knowledge of the Owner or its employee, the company reserves the right to immediately terminate the contract with all consequences without having to refund the fee previously paid.

  13. The price of services provided by the Owner does not include insurance. The Customer and Guests use the Facility's services at their own risk. The Owner is not responsible for injuries, damage and destruction of property, damage caused to the health and property of third persons, the theft of luggage and other events during the entire recreational stay. We advise you to properly insure before arrival.

  14. Upon arrival, but before settling in, the Customer is obliged to examine the apartment, i.e. check the furniture, windows, shower cubicle and other equipment in the apartment. Accessing the service, i.e. settling in for the duration of your stay, is equivalent to a positive reception of the apartment and lack of comments.

  15. Comments on damage or destruction should be reported immediately to the Owner.

  16. The Owner allows the possibility of identifying so-called ‘hidden’ damage, but only of out of eyeshot items (such as a damaged bed, damaged wardrobe doors, etc.).

  17. Lack of comments from the Customer about damages within 60 minutes after receiving the keys means that the Customer has no objections to the entire premises, and all equipment and furniture are in compatible amount and good condition.

  18. The Customer is financially responsible for damages to the apartment during their stay and agrees that all repairs of damage or removal of defects should be made at the Customer’s expense. The Guests are financially responsible for any damage or destruction of equipment and technical devices in the apartment, also caused by the fault of visitors who are unregistered, but can stay in the apartment with the consent of the Owner until 22:00.

  19. In the event that the Customer significantly violates the peace and / or wellbeing of the neighbours and does not comply with commonly used norms of interactions between people, the Owner reserves the right to terminate the Customer's stay in the apartment and is not obliged to refund the money for the unused period of stay.

  20. If, as a result of an offense against the curfew in the building, lasting between 22:00 and 7:00, the Owner or the employee responsible for the keys are called at the place by the neighbours, the Municipal Police or the Police, the owner has the right to immediately terminate the contract, without a refund for an unused period of stay.

  21. The apartments are entirely non-smoking and it is prohibited to bring and store sleds, skis and snowboards.

  22. Due to the requirements of fire protection, the apartment must not use any instruments or apparatus powered by electricity or gas, other than the equipment of these rooms, which may create a fire hazard, e.g. electric or other types of heaters, gas burners. It is forbidden to bring flammable materials, explosives or materials with an unpleasant smell into the apartment.

  23. The Customer does not have the right, without the prior written consent of the Owner, to make any repairs or make any expenditures or changes in the apartment. The Customer is obliged to immediately inform the Owner of the facility about the need for repairs or expenses.

  24. The Customer is obliged to maintain and return the apartment in the condition existing at the point of their check-in, which includes, in particular, leaving washed dishes and clean kitchen equipment prior to departure, as well as throwing out the garbage.

  25. The contract concluded between the Owner and the Customer covers only the rental of the apartment. The price of this service includes utilities (electricity, gas, water, heating in the heating season), bedding, basic cleaning products and final cleaning (disinfection).

  26. The Customer may use the apartment only for residential purposes and may not give it away for further subletting.

  27. The contract concluded between the Owner and the Customer does not include travel, meals (besides the additional purchase of breakfasts), and organization of the stay.

  28. The company is not responsible for any temporary inconvenience caused by interruption in the supply of utilities, such as e.g. a temporary lack of water, electricity and the Internet.

  29. Children and young people under 18 years of age cannot stay alone in the apartment without adult supervision.

  30. Legal guardians are responsible for the safety of minors throughout the facility (including the playground).

  31. At any time, the Customer may transfer to another person all the rights resulting from the reservation, if, at the same time, the person assumes all the obligations resulting from it. In this situation, the Customer should immediately notify the Owner of the change to the reservation, and provide personal details of the person who takes over the rights and obligations arising from the contract.

  32. Complaints regarding services provided by the Owner are dealt with at the Facility on the day of check-out – in person or/and by e-mail to the following address: within 14 days from the date of the check-out or the date on which the indicated stay should take place.

  33. We do not accept animals within the premise of the Facility.

  34. Each time when leaving the apartment, the Guest should check if the door is locked.

  35. Guests are required to lock the entrance door to the building, the doors to the apartment, and the entrance gate to the property.

  36. Guests are asked to maintain order and cleanliness in the common areas and in the apartment, as well as to take garbage from the apartment to the container located at the entrance gate.

  37. During strong mountain wind, please close all windows.

  38. After having a bath, please open the windows in the bathrooms or to the room next door to ensure proper venting.

  39. The law applicable to disputes between the Owner and the Customer is the Polish law. Any disputes will be resolved amicably, and in the event of disagreement, the proper court will be the one appropriate for the registered office of the Owner.